Friday, July 14, 2006

Challenge of the 2 Dresses

Both dresses are now finished! I am really happy with how the black dress turned out. I have since shipped them down to my friend (about 2 weeks ago) and she is going to try them out and decide which one she likes when she has some time. I asked her to take pictures of herself dancing in them so you can see the dresses on a real ballroom dancer! I hope one of them works out? So which one do you think she will choose????
The Ruby Shoes Dress?


The Tatum Dress?


  1. Tough call. They're both gorgeous!

  2. Your gowns are gorgeous. I have a simple question, when you stitch around the neck and arm edges do you use a zig zag. When I have made swim wear and exercise outfits from lycra in the past that was how I finished or top stitched the fabric. Any help would be appreciated.